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Hop Slinger IPA Tap Handle Sticker

Hop Slinger IPA

Bold and bitter! Fruity and fresh! We searched around the world to bring you the best hops on the market for this juicy, aromatic IPA!

ABV: 7% IBU's: 70


Henniker Kolsch Tap Handle Sticker

Henniker Kolsch

Crisp, refreshing, clean, and extremely drinkable. Just the way the style was intended when it originated in Cologne, Germany at the Sunner Brewery in 1906.

ABV: 4.6% IBU's: 32

Working Man's Porter Tap Handle Sticker

Working Man's Porter

An English Style Dark Ale brewed in the tradition of England's Industrial Revolution, an age of rough-handed factory workers...

ABV: 5.2% IBU's: 30

Miles & Miles Tap Handle Sticker

Miles & Miles

A dry-hopped Pale Ale, lighter bodied, with bready malt notes and a juicy, tropical hop aroma.

​ABV: 5.5% IBU's: 45

Damn Sure Tap Sticker

Damn Sure

Brewed with malted oats, unmalted wheat, our house English Pale malt, and enough American Hops to make you stand and say the pledge of allegiance.
ABV: 8.5% IBU's: 80
Wait a Minute Sticker

Wait a Minute

As the great Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute.”
ABV: 6%
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Pound It! Series

Rustique Tap Handle Sticker Website


Our hoppy farmhouse ale blends new world hops with an old-world style yeast.

Released in March

ABV: 6.5% IBU's: 25

Sour Flower Tap Handle Sticker

Sour Flower

​As the weather warms, our palates drift from robust, bracing beers towards drier, brighter and tarter styles. That's where Sour Flower comes in. ​
Released in May
ABV: 5% IBU's: 25

The Roast Tap Sticker

The Roast

We brewed this stout with a blend of gourmet coffee beans roasted just for us by Concord's White Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Released in November

ABV: 6.5% IBU's: 55

Splitter Sticker


As comforting as the smell of a camp fire with the drinkability to back it up. Experience a different side of craft beer.

Released in January

ABV: 5% 

Double Roast Tap Handle Sticker

Double Roast

Double Roast, our small batch, in house release Imperial Coffee Stout is here to be your warmth in the frozen tundra.  
*Cans Only Available at the Brewery
Now available!
10% ABV
Flap Jack tap handle sticker

Flap Jack

Flap Jack is brewed in the spirit of true New Englanders: a robust Double Brown Ale with locally sourced maple syrup sturdy enough to stand up to the chilly nights and shortening days.
Released in September        7% ABV 45 IBUs

Dinger Tap Handle Sticker


Don't be an L 7 weenie, grab a can of Dinger and get ready to celebrate another season of America's pastime with our American Lager!

*Cans Only Available at the Brewery
Now available!
ABV: 5.1%

Sprout Tap Handle Sticker


Open up the windows, bring out the deck furniture, fire up the BBQ, and crack open a can of Sprout!  Our Belgian-Style Witbier is here to reawaken your senses!

Coming in May
5.2% ABV

Off the Grid Series

2018 Company Tap Sticker


Belgian-style quadruple ale aged on house-toasted cherrywood cured with white rum from Flag Hill Distillery in Lee, NH

Released in January

ABV: 10.5%

Queen Pollyanna Tap Handle Sticker

Queen Pollyanna

Sour Red Ale aged on white oak, red wine barrel staves, from Flag Hill Winery in Lee, NH

Released in May

ABV: 9%

Ora Tap Handle Sticker


Rustic, Belgian-style golden ale brewed with barley, rye, oats, wheat, and spelt.

Released in July

​ABV: 8.5%

King Misanthrope Tap Handle Sticker

King Misanthrope

Russian Imperial Stout aged on house-toasted maple wood cured with American whiskey from Flag Hill in Lee, NH

Released in October

​ABV: 10%